Celebrating its 90th birthday: how Ketchum stays on top of PR trends


This week we announced that Ketchum was our PR firm of the week. Though they don’t need an introduction from us; they happen to be celebrating their 90th anniversary this year. Throughout this time, the PR industry has seen numerous shifts and changes. Ketchum has managed to stay ahead of the curve and keep the creativity alive.

"While the world – and our industry – has changed so much in 90 years, our culture and commitment to clients has very much remained consistent," said Marie Wiltz, vice president and senior media specialist who was featured on our blog earlier this week. Ketchum partners with clients around the globe from a variety of industries of all sizes. 

To maintain their leadership in PR Ketchum has managed to double its revenue in more than five years. “Our success is built on our remarkable leadership stability,” wrote Marie in an email. “In June, Rob Flaherty celebrated his one-year anniversary as CEO, only the seventh CEO in Ketchum’s 90-year history. And in fact, our worldwide executive committee has an average tenure of 25 years and our 77-member partner group has an average tenure of 22 years.”

Not only that, but Ketchum aims to maintain strong client relationships. Among their top 50 clients, average tenure is nine years, high above the industry average. It’s not a surprise that they’ve been able to maintain such a presence in the industry for 90 years.

We’ve learned a lot this week from Ketchum’s success. Here are some of the main takeaways: 

  • Maintain a strong social media presence
  • Invest in hiring strong employees and leaders
  • Work to strengthen client relationships
  • Set measurable goals
  • Evaluate and quantify success



Recap of #MuckedUp with Mashable


Under one roof at a very packed bar, networking and drinking were the themes of the night. #MuckedUp with Mashable took over the Swift Hibernian Lounge in New York City, bringing together media professionals and journalists alike. 

A huge thanks to everyone who joined, especially all of those from Mashable, including Jennifer Diamond who awesomely helped organize the event. 

Here’s a recap of the Mashrack-Muckable tweets from the event:

Be quick to join the Slow PR movement, learn more at tonight’s General Assembly class


Learn about the importance of ‘Slow PR’ strategy, from pitching journalists to effectively using social media, at Natan Edelsburg’s General Assembly class tonight

The class will cover the best basic practices for PR, and will have takeaways like writing better emails to journalists and finding the right press contacts for your pitches. Minimal prerequisites requires! All you need is a Twitter, LinkedIn, and Muck Rack account! 

Become a part of the slow PR movement, RSVP here!


Mashable and Muck Rack join forces for an epic NYC #MuckedUp


As if you weren’t already excited enough for our weekly #MuckedUp chats, next week Muck Rack will be teaming up with Mashable for a night of drinking, chatting, and schmoozing here in NYC. (RSVP here!)

We’re taking the usual, inspired conversation offline and into the real world. Our CEO Gregory will also be at the event, adding to the conversation and mingling with attendees. 

The topic of the night is wide open; social media and journalism. So come by and contribute to the conversation and meet new people. It’s an event that shouldn’t be missed!

Special shout out to Jennifer Diamond from Mashable for helping make this happen!



#HowtoPitchaJournalist with Time’s Callie Schweitzer


It’s that time again! Our next How To Pitch a Journalist class is next Thursday, and it’ll be one for the books, or rather, the web. Callie Schweitzer will be hosting our event, and she’s sure to give a lot of great insights on best pitching practices. 

If you’re easily intimidated by impressive up-and-comers, read no further. She was just hired as Time's new director of digital innovation, and most recently worked as the director of marketing and communications at Vox Media, which encompasses the Verge, Polygon, and SBNation. Before that, she was Deputy Publisher at Talking Points Memo.

Yet, somehow in her busy schedule she finds time to guest write for publications like the New York Times and Mashable. Callie’s Twitter feed was voted one of the best by Time earlier this year, and she boasts an astounding 40,000+ followers on the social media site. She’s been featured on panels, and was included on Business Insider’s 30 Important Women under 30 in Tech.

If this hasn’t convinced you enough that Callie is going to be a rockstar host, then I guess you’ll have to come by our How to Pitch a Journalist class and find out for yourself.


Going viral on social: our CEO @Gregory at the #SFPRSummit

Last week at the PRSummit in San Francisco, our CEO Greg presented a workshop on going viral on the social web. Anyone with a sense of social media and how things spread on the internet knows this isn’t an easy task. 

Greg spoke about his experience in growing The Shorty Awards and Muck Rack, and how to best grow your image and brand. Some of the main takeaways at the workshop were: building virility into products pre-release, creating the best hooks for social media platforms, and integrating viral growth into marketing and PR.

Those who were at the event tweeted some reactions to Greg’s talk, for those of you who didn’t get a chance to attend, we thought we’d share:

Here’s the clicktotweet that Greg promoted: