Robot Food and Cougar Town: a roundup of Ryan Broderick’s #howtopitchajournalist class

Muck Rack sends out a big thanks to Ryan Broderick for hosting amazing #HowtoPitchaJournalist last night. He gave some hilarious insights into the world of being a journalist— from horribly bad pitches to advice for grabbing the person you’re pitching. Ryan writes for BuzzFeed on gifs, photos, videos and more. He also runs the BuzzFeed Tumblr and does comedy sketches for Student Loans for Beer Money.


Here’s some of the advice Ryan gave out last night, in case you missed the event:

  • Don’t pitch to journalists across all mediums in the same way. Print, broadcast, and internet all have different audiences and purposes, so you should tailor your pitch to match that.
  • Be personal when you’re pitching. Know the person on an individual level and you’ll have a better chance of getting a response.
  • Tweet pitches aren’t the worst idea in the world. It forces people to keep it short and to the point.
  • Cougar Town is actually a good show. Ryan said so.
  • The Internet is “like a cocktail party.” Don’t be the person that’s yelling at everyone to get attention and sell them something. Be the person at the party who is casual and confident.
  • Pitch the channel that will lead you higher instead of going for the major publications first.  It will allow you to be in front of the “Internet hype machine.”
  • SEO versus sharing on websites. “SEO is like feeding a robot, robot food and sharing is for humans.”

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Also big shout to out the people who attended in person and on Google+ hangout. Thanks for joining!


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