Tech trends affecting journalism in 2013

During this week’s ONA NYC Meetup: Journalism & Tech Trends for 2013, CEO of Webbmedia Group Amy Webb and Columbia University’s Chief Digital Officer Sree Sreenivasan discussed their perspectives on how the emerging 2013 digital trends will affect the journalistic community.

3 trends to look out for this year:

1) Video: We are hitting an era where people are more likely to take away something from a 5 second video clip than from an op-ed article in the news. Apps like Vine and cater to the average 8-second attention span of consumers, and while they haven’t been used for such unique purposes (let’s face it, posting a porn video is nothing original), it seems that this type of marketing will become more apparent this year and used over any other medium.

2) Aggregation: We love organization, and information, and organized information aggregated into one place. Sites like Newscred, Rebelmouse, Datasift and others are finding ways of aggregating users’ social media profiles into one place, and allowing companies to track what is being said about them online. I use to organize my online platforms, and Muck Rack uses Storify to show highlights of their events. These tools make it easier for people to get the big picture of what’s happening across social networks, and I have a feeling they will be sticking around for a while.


3) Atomic Units: Now there are algorithms to refine and personalize the news you read. If you want to follow a particular story, and then get the bullet points or a quick summary of the article, has your back. This type of personalized information is starting to take effect, and will ultimately change the type of news we choose to read and how we receive that information.

We can’t foresee the future with the success of these trends, but if you aren’t on board now, you may be left out of the cool people’s tables at SXSW. Until then, happy vining to all!


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