Join Muck Rack and Tumblr for an evening of drinks, journalism and gifs


We spent all last month drinking and dancing and chatting and then going to our desks the next morning to read new invitations for more drinking and dancing and chatting, all in the name of holiday celebrations. And so it went from Thanksgiving to Dec. 31 and it was good and we were happy. Then the New Year came and we slept off our hangovers and showed up to our desks but this time, there were no new invitations so really what’s the point of going on?

You’re in luck, dear friends, because today you can RSVP your pretty little selves right over here for another p-a-r-t-y, which we’re doing in collaboration with those lovely folks at Tumblr.

It’s very hush hush though so only invite people you like. 


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    new york! come to our party. it’ll fun. promise.
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