The top 10 most followed journalists on Muck Rack

Image via prguitarman With 2012 the year that news organizations really got social, we also saw rise in the number of Muck Rackers on our site. Who can forget the 10,000 journalists Greg took to ONA

Since this was a year of learning, we take a lesson from BuzzFeed and put our dear tweeters in a list. Though it debuted in Sree Sreenivasan’s CNET piece (the most Twittery journalists of them all), we’ve decided to spend a little time on their accounts. Ahead, the top 10 most-followed journalists on Muck Rack…and a bit about how each of them uses Twitter.

10. David Pogue - The New York Times tech writer, who ceremoniously lost his phone this year, usually tweets from the road and can be trusted for reviews on all things tech (including his own reviews).

9. Dr. Sanjay Gupta - Tweeting to us from “30,000 feet up in the air,” we can rely on the good doctor for an expert take on all medical news - including Hilary Clinton’s blood clot

8. David Gregory - The NBC regular usually fills his weekends hosting “Meet the Press.” But he recently got himself into a bit of hot water by holding up ammunition on air. Whatever will happen next? You’ll have to follow this Redskins fan to find out. 

7. Chris Hardwick - The Wired contributor and self-appointed “nerdist” tweets just about everything, including where to eat in Portland and links to "Dr. Who" screenings

6. George Stephanopoulos - Yet another anchor on our roundup, the former Clinton cabinet member usually retweets what his show’s account (@ThisWeekABC) puts out. If you’re interested in previewing show lineups or getting show recaps, you may as well head there.

5. Bill Simmons - The Grantland EIC tweets a lot about sports, naturally, sometimes about the History Channel and most recently wondered why “Kim and Kanye are gonna make awesome parents!” wasn’t trending?

4. Larry King - The man in suspenders may have retired, but he isn’t really going anywhere. With 2,325,149 followers, the king of late night is still going strong at his new online home #LarryKingNow, where he interviews everyone from Jeff Probst to Shaun White and even Larry Flint.

3. Rachel Maddow - Host of her own self-titled show, it’s fair to expect mostly political and media-related tweets from this MSNBC lady. Every once in a while, an inside scoop on her show creeps in too.

2. Piers Morgan -The man hails from across the pond, but that hasn’t stopped him from taking over air time on televisions stateside - first as a judge on “America’s Got Talent” and now as the host of his own CNN hour-long. With a recent petition to kick him out of the country (and a counter to keep him here), Morgan took to Twitter to announce that he’d be “deporting himself for the week.”

1. Anderson Cooper - With 3,496,502 followers, of course another CNN anchor is our most followed journalist on Muck Rack. AC travels the world looking for stories that give a human element to breaking news, often getting in harm’s way himself. Make sure to follow the host today especially, as he gets ready to host the New Year’s Eve countdown with bff Kathy Griffin.

Now, if you’re all…

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we understand. It’s likely none of us will have Anderson or Larry’s numbers. Just remember to make a Muck Rack profile so we can feature you next year.

Happy 2013, Muck Rackers!


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