#muckedup No. 30 Recap: Social Media PTSD


This week’s #muckedup chat was something special. Something different…

Sure, we had a very involved discussion on the role of social media, content and its role on post traumatic stress and trauma. I think it’s safe to say that’s become par for the course here. But what’s new is that alongside the normal chat, we also held our first Google Plus hangout with some very esteemed guests: NPR's Andy Carvin, Fruzsina Eördögh of ReadWrite and Slate, educational psychologist Michelle May, and Muck Rack staffers Natan Edelsburg and David Zolot

It was a first for #muckedup and barring a little bit of virgin jitters, and a healthy amount of bias…we think it worked. We touched on everything from personal to professional experiences with trauma, how we deal with our emotions and the constant deluge of sometimes jarring content and experience that this job demands. Things got so real, both Carvin and Eordogh teared up when talking about their past, and some of the people they’ve lost. No faking the funk over here. Check out the video here to see what we got so hyped about:

Here’s some of the best tweets from the chat:

#MuckedUp Q1: Social media PTSD has become a really polarizing issue. Is it real/what are signs and symptoms? Can you consume too much news?

#MuckedUp Q2 Are we, and by extension social media, over-saturated by emotional content? Does this cheapen events? How do you deal with this

#MuckedUp Q3: How does someone suffering from PTSD get help? Is it enough to disconnect/unlpug? Is therapy a good option?

#MuckedUp Q4: How has social effected you emotionally and what steps have you taken to treat it?

Since next Tuesday is Christmas Day and the following Tuesday is New Years Day, we’re going to take a two week hiatus on #muckedup. But fret not, we ended 2012 with a bang, and have some very big plans for #muckedup in 2013. Hint: it has to do with more Google Hangouts, and some big name newsrooms…

So stay tuned, and see you January 8, 2013 at 8 pm EST / 5 pm PST!


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