Google+ Communities for journalists and PR pros

Last week, Google unveiled their response to Facebook Groups: Google+ Communities
The tech giant’s senior vice president Vic Gundotra described their newest venture as a “more permanent home for all the stuff you love.” In his blog post on Google’s Official Blog, Gundotra went on to explain that, “with Google+ Communities there’s now a gathering place for your passions.”

Google+ Communities can be public or private, include discussion categories and the option to start a hangout or plan events across the community.

How can journalists and PR pros use Google+ communities? So far, several communities have been created for both industries. We’ve compiled a list of the most robust and active communities below:
For Journalists:

Social Journalism: This group is described as “a place to share ideas and discuss how social media can help - or hinder - journalism and how can it help us tell better stories.” With nearly 200 members, this group is rapidly growing and has a lively discussion section with journalists sharing links, tools and advice with fellow media professionals.

Journalism Jobs: While this group is not yet active, it has great potential with 50 members and the intent to share job openings related to journalism, blogging and content creation.

For PR Pros:

Public Relations: This group is described as “ place for PR pros to talk about workflow, tools, tips, etc..” One of the group’s moderators, Sarah Evans, recently posted that the group will host monthly hangouts featuring PR subject matter experts.

Online Public Relations: With about 70 members, this group has already has several discussion streams under different categories including public relations, public affairs, internal communications and corporate communications.

PR and Public Relations: Created and moderated by a UK-based PR pro, this group is growing and beginning lively discussions among members.

Will Google+ Communities take off? It’s too early to tell, but something interesting to note is that many communities were created on or around December 6 and 7 (when Google shared the news) but since then, many of the communities have gone quiet.

What do you think? Will you use Google+ Communities?

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