#muckedup chat Tuesday: Pitching Post Sandy

The Northeast is rebuilding in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. After the Atlantic seaboard was pummeled a few weeks ago to the tune of at least 43 deaths, millions of power outages and an estimated $10-25 billion in damages, it’s a long road back to normalcy.

So…when do we get back to business as usual when it comes to PR pros pitching journalists for coverage? What are the guidelines to keeping respectful and tactful when it comes to pitching? And should PR pros even pitch “soft news” in the wake of such a huge disaster?

Inspired by a recent post on our site, we’re going to tackle that very issue on our next Twitter chat, how to pitch journalists post Sandy. We want PR pros to tell us how they respond to this issue and function in these times, and we want journalists to share their experiences in the trenches.

Join us Tuesday, November 13 at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST to get muckedup! See you there.


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