PR pro tip: when to pitch after the election

Do you feel like this kitty when someone is pitching a human interest story on election day? It can be difficult to reconcile between politics and any other desk when so much attention is going to the near end of a very long election

Post-hurricane, we helped our PR friends figure out when to start pitching again. Now that the election that’s been on everyone’s minds and newsfeeds is very nearly over, we’re ready to help out again.

From tweeter Raschanda Hall, we saw this question today: "PR peeps how long will you wait before pitching non-election news? Journalists what do you suggest?"

Here’s our take…

If the results come in at a normal time, the day after the election (or the day after that, to be safe) is perfectly fine to start pitching reporters. This is only if your pitch is directly related to the political campaign or news desk.

Every other beat still needs stories to fill the paper/website so starting tomorrow, feel free to pitch away. It’s likely journalists will be ready and willing to move on and cover something else very soon.

Amy Guth at the Chicago Tribune also suggested: "PR folks, please be mindful that today is a very busy day in the newsroom."

(Photo Patrick Thomas via New York Times)

- DP

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