#muckedup No. 21 Recap: Errors, Edits And Ethics

This week we tackled errors, edits and ethics, with special guest and corrections guru Craig Silverman of the venerable Poynter. We touched on how to make edits and the professional approach to corrections. 

All in all, it was a fast, informative chat. If you missed something (shame on you), we’re here to give you the rundown of the best of, right here. So take a load off and read on. You might just learn something…

Check out the best of the chat below:

 Q1: How do you / your organization deal with print/online/broadcast corrections? Do you print corrections? What about tweets/sm?

 Q2: How do you and or your org feel about making mistakes: Do you try to minimize the error, is it just a part of the job or more?

 Q3: How do you move on from an error? What’s the best way to tackle it professionally and keep your career moving forward?

 Q4 An ASNE survey from 98 found 63% of newspaper readers felt better about a paper when they saw a correction. Agree?

 Q5: Tell us a personal story about how a correction has affected you, whether as a journalist, editor, PR pro or reader….share!

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