'Win the future through innovation..'

President Barack Obama delivered his second State of the Union address Tuesday night - his first to a Congress under divided party control - in which he appealed to the “nation of Edison and the Wright Brothers and Google and Facebook” and called for a renewal of national competitiveness and innovation.

"In America, innovation doesn’t just change our lives," he said, "it’s how we make our living."

"We need to out-innovate, out-educate and out-build the rest of the world.”

The White House’s “enhanced” State of the Union coverage is here

The Huffington Post  plucks the best lines, while the BBC has key excerpts here.

Michael Falcone of ABC tweeted the official ABC counts: “bi-partisan applause: 45, bi-partisan standing Os: 16, laughs: 4” as well as  ”total times Obama interrupted by applause: 79, total standing Os: 25”

NPR created a word-cloud graphic of audience reactions based on more than 4,000 responses. It seemed that the word of the night was "salmon".

Chris Cillizza at The Fix says the President used the phrase "win the future" at least six times.

Lynn Sweet at the Chicago Sun-Times blogged about a CBS poll that showed a very positive reaction to the President’s proposals. A CNN poll showed similar results.

Politifact fact-checked major elements of the President’s speech, while the AP also number-crunched the “imbalanced ledger.”

David Sanger at the New York Times writes that Obama was "clearly seeking to pull America out of its latest funk" while Lori Montgomery writes in The Washington Post that the "President, GOP agree on austerity, but will it create jobs?"

Unusually, a full draft of the speech had been leaked to the National Journal before the President arrived in the chamber. Lisa Tozzi of the NYT tweeted: ”As the President saw Hillary Clinton he leaned in & said: “I don’t need to deliver it now. Everybody saw it.” 

As President Obama took the podium in front of Vice-President Joe Biden and new Speaker of the House John BoehnerJonathan Capehart of The Washington Post tweeted: “Notice the puny gavel. What happened to the whack-a-mole gavel Pelosi handed to Boehner?” Later, Capehart wrote that the speech was "not Obama’s best. Then again, his best is anyone else’s extraordinary.”

Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight tweeted: “Obama’s tie tonight  is about ¾ of the way from purple to blue (just like his speech).”

In a speech around the theme of “Winning the Future” (Karen Tumulty of The Washington Post tweeted: “We’re assuming the White House KNEW that “Winning the Future” is the title of a book by @newtgingrich, right?”) the President said that this “is our generation’s Sputnik moment.”

Lisa Desjardins at CNN tweeted: “This means we’re behind some other country? Who? Or that Russia is 30 yrs from meltdown?”

Zach Byron Wolf of ABCNews tweeted: “Does anyone else see the irony in the President who cancelled the Moon program calling for a national Sputnik moment?”

Karen Tumulty of The Washington Post asked: “Next up: duck and cover drills?”

The President also proposed a two-year extension of the three-year partial freeze in domestic programs he suggested last year, and call for cuts in military spending.

David Corn at Mother Jones wonders whether the President is a fierce down-sizer of government, or an ardent champion of boosting government investment in the economy? Well, he’s both.”

Members of Congress crossed the aisles to sit with opponents in a ‘date night’ gesture of civility, (the NYT has a graphic of who sat where) which the President acknowledged when he said: "What comes of this moment will be determined not by whether we can sit together tonight but whether we can work together tomorrow."

Christina Bellantoni at Roll Call reported, however, that bipartisanship didn’t extend to all members of Congress tonight. 

An empty seat among the Arizona delegation was kept for Rep Gabrielle Giffords, and the black and white ribbons worn were in her honor and out of respect for the other victims of the Tucson shooting. A TwitPic of Rep Giffords and her husband watching the speech was released by the Congresswoman’s office.

(Rep Giffords’ condition was upgraded Tuesday night from “Serious” to “Good”)

NBC’s David Gregory tweeted a link to a blog by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and said: “President Obama taken to task for failing to advocate new gun safety measures.”

Azi Paybarah of WNYC tweeted NY mayor Mike Bloomberg’s reaction to Obama not mentioning gun control: “disappointing, but it will not slow the momentum we are building.”

The official Republican response was given by Rep Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. Full text here (via NPR). 

Joan Walsh of Salon tweeted: “Paul Ryan worried we’re “turning the safety net into a hammock”. Leave it to GOP to use imagery of leisure for suffering.”

A second, Tea Party response, by Rep Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota,  was delayed after the Congresswoman was apparently stuck in traffic. Peter Hamby of CNN tweeted: “Bachmann will be using a chart during her speech. From prepared remarks: ‘Let me show you a chart.’”

When she eventually delivered the address, (transcript here, via CNN), James Poniewozik of Time tweeted: ”Winner of the Bachmann rebuttal: Bobby Jindal. You are now off the hook, my friend.”


Jon Ward of the Daily Caller summed up thus: “Shorter SOTU night: Obama plays it safe, nods to Independents. Bachmann distracts from Ryan, elevates GOP schism meme.”

Finally, Luke Russert tweeted a picture of the empty chamber after the speech: “That’s all folks!”

Coverage of the Coverage

The Huffington Post had live updates here.

NPR’s Newshour offered a range of options for watching and engaging.

Michael Shear live-blogged at the NYT’s Caucus.

The Daily Beast’s Howard Kurtz hosted a live chat here.

ABCNews gathered Twitter feeds here both from ABC reporters and Members of Congress.

Politics Daily ran a live Twitter feed here.

Reuters live blog is here.

Richard Adams was live-blogging for The Guardian here.

CBS News had a live post-speech webcast here.

CBS Radio’s Mark Knoller live-tweeted the speech here.


Other Links

A French translation of the President’s speech is here.

This video by the White House looks at what’s involved in preparing for the speech.

There’s a TwitPic of the President fine-tuning the speech here, via WestWingReport and a picture from RollCall’s Daniel Newhouser of the GOP’s “rapid response” office.

Leonard Lopate of WNYC talks to New Yorker editor David Remnick – author of The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama - about the President’s agenda.

The New York Times has a cool infographic on “patterns of speech” in the speech over the past 75 years.

Carl Wilson writes at Slate on “The Sound of the Obama Era.”



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