#muckedup No. 9 recap: quote approval

This week we brought back the #muckedup chat to a new time and day and decided to cover the contentious issue of quote approval.

We had participants from a lot of major news outlets and made so much noise that the chat became the top trending topic on Muck Rack on Tuesday. Which means you guys rock!

Thank you to everyone who came and helped make the chat a roaring success. Below is a taste of some of the best comments from the chat.

Q1: How does your news org deal with ? If everyone’s doing it, is it selling out? Background:  

Q2: Have you ever been asked by a source to approve your quote before it ran? What did you do? How do you say no?

Q3: Was Dan Rather right when he said  is the media’s way of selling out? Background: 

Q4. Does it matter who asks for quote approval? Should it? Is access worth it?

Q5: Tell us about some of your experience navigating through quote approval

Q6: Does your news organization have a policy when it comes to? Has it changed? Background: 

Q7: How do you deal with sources who ask you to clean up quotes and make them sound intelligent? Seriously?

Q8: Is quote splicing acceptable? Do you share people’s quotes with them before publication, and if so, how?

Again, thank you to everyone who joined #muckedup this week. We’ll be chatting again next Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST.


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