A Newsroom with a View, part 1

Inspired by #myafpofficeview, we asked you what the view is like from your office in Tuesday’s Muck Rack Daily. The response was overwhelming.

Here is the first half of what some MRD readers look at every day:

(above) Holtz Report in Portland, Oregon, by Andrew Holtz
(above) La Quinta Resort & Hotel in La Quinta, California, by Bob Buttaro

(above) Bloomberg Law in New York City, by Edward A. Adams
(above) The Spokesman-Review in Spokane, Washington, by Gary Graham (view of the Thomas S. Foley U.S. Courthouse)
(above) Sacramento Business Journal in Sacramento, California, by Kelly Johnson
(above) Vantage Communications, by Lydia Howard (works from home)
(above) MasterCard Worldwide, by Marcy Cohen
(above) Margo Howard’s view of the Charles River
(above) Coca-Cola Refreshments in Atlanta, Georgia, by Melina Baetti

Stay tuned Monday for the remaining views… 

— DP

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