Review of the Reviews of the Year

Like every other media site, we’ve gathered some of the best lookback links and listed our “Stories of the past few months.” We’ll keep the commentary short and just let you click through.

For some excellent and entertaining overviews, check out The Guardian’s interactive ‘story a day’ feature, the New York Times’ Year in Pictures or The Atlantic’s look back and look ahead. The Boston Globe’s Big Picture year in pictures begins here.

Twitter’s Year in Review features some excellent photographic images, as well as the most re-tweeted tweets of the year.

Mashable lists the Top Twitter Trends of 2010 and Forbes does the same for Tech.

Here’s Google’s Fastest Rising Search Terms of  2010, via HuffPo, and Google’s Zeitgeist video of how the world searched. Yahoo’s news review is hereThe Washington Post reports the YouTube Videos of the Year while Kara Swisher at All Things Digital links to Ustream’s top ten video moments of the year.

Check out the 10 Best Data Visualization Projects of the Year, from Flowing Data.

And, as a service to job-seekers and interviewers everywhere, here’s the Most Overused Buzzwords on LinkedIn during 2010.

There was some disagreement out there over who might be “person of the year”.

Julian Assange - whom Dave Winer called “a perfect example of the future we are already living in” - was Le Monde’s ‘Man of the Year’ and I Want Media person of the year. But despite winning the readers’ vote at Time magazine, their cover went to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, who at 26 became the magazine’s youngest honoree since Charles Lindbergh.

The Financial Times’ Person of the Year was Apple’s Steve Jobs, in recognition of, the paper says, “the most remarkable comeback in modern business history.”

In politics, Samuel Jacobs hands out the Daily Beast’s Political awards while Leslie Savan writes in The Nation on Words of The Year: Right, Left and Populist. The always excellent Politifact names its Political Lie of the Year. JibJab’s video review is here.

The end of the year always sees some offbeat topics, like Britain’s “Loo of the Year” or The Crapps – Communicative Relations Awards from PR Professionals – which includes a category for “least twattish twitterer.”

Scientific American has its list of the Best Science Stories of 2010, while Ed Yong’s outstanding (and award-winning) “Not Exactly Rocket Science” blog kicks off his review of the year with a “They did what now?” edition.

Also offbeat, but still very cool, are the Best Robots of the Year.

Rolling Stone has the Albums of the year and 50 Best Songs of the Year, while Paste magazine lists their Best Cover Songs and Album Covers of the Year.  The Americana Music Association ranks its 100 Top Albums of 2010.

Esquire magazine has "102 things that made us proud this year."

In movies, we say goodbye to this and start to look ahead to this.

According to Ben Child in The Guardian, “Avatar” was the most illegally-downloaded movie of last year.

Rather than link to any lists of the “best” movies of the year, here’s some outstanding video montages. Roger Ebert links to a video essay by Matt Zoller Seitz, while this one by Matt Shapiro features The Killers’ “Dustland Fairytale” (via Malene Arpe); and there’s the remarkable Filmography 2010, by Gen Ip.

As for TV, try TV Guide’s Most Cheered And Jeered shows of the year.

In the world of journalism, Regret The Error’s Corrections of the Year is always entertaining, as is Craig Silverman’s Worst Business Reporting Errors of the Year.

Brian Solis passes along Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere report.

Sum up year in six words?

What will 2011 bring for the industry? Clay Shirky predicts at CJR and Scott Karp writes in response.

Vadim Lavrusik at Mashable offers his own 10 Predictions for the News Media in the coming year.

Ken Doctor writes on 11 Conventional News Wisdoms We’ll Challenge in 2011.

Now for our own Stories of (part of) the Year.

Since The Muckrack Daily only launched in September of this year, we’ll just list some of the most popular topics that we’ve collated since we’ve been up and running.


Chilean Miners

Royal Engagement

Midterm elections

Mark Zuckerberg

World Cup  and Paul the Octopus

Harry Potter


Twitter Joke Trial

Sadly, there were a number of notable deaths recently, among them:

Elizabeth Edwards

Richard Holbrooke

Bob Feller

Ron Santo

Leslie Nielsen

Captain Beefheart

Some amazing photos were circulated, like this one of Tiger Woods or this one of Charles and Camilla under siege.

There were some great slips like this one from the BBC’s Jim Naughtie and this one from the Times’ subeditors, and some great front pages like this one on the Irish economic crisis. Banksy’s brilliantly disturbing opening sequence for The Simpson’s was widely RT’d.

But Muckrack’s most linked item of the year – by far – was this: So You Want To Be A Journalist.

All told, it’s been an eventful twelve months, with more interesting things sure to come next year. Thanks for your support of MuckRack. We look forward to continuing the conversation.

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