#muckedup wrap up: How do journalists want to be pitched on social media?

On Wednesday, Muck Rack hosted its very first official #muckedup Twitter chat. It was a huge success — more than 100 journalists and PR pros tuned in and contributed their tweets. We were even the No. 1 trending topic on Muck Rack!

The topic was how journalists want to be pitched on social media and the discussion was fast-paced and informative. Thank you to everyone who participated.

It is our hope that #muckedup will evolve into a chat that bridges the gap between journalists and PR folks. We always want the conversation to be productive, honest and at times, even edgy. If you have any tips for future topics, email them to us at hello@muckrack.com.

You can find a full transcript of the chat here, but read on for the short(er) version!

Elana Zak moderated the discussion from @muckrack. We asked six questions, two coming from the chat’s participants. Here they are with some highlights.

Q1: #journalists, what do you think of pitches over Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms? #muckedup

Q2: If you do like to be pitched on social media, what is the “right” way to go about doing it? Is there an ideal pitch? #muckedup

Q3: How do you normally follow up to a pitch you receive via social media? Do you use the same platform or switch to email? #muckedup

Q4: Do you look to PRs bios on Twitter to see if they’d be a good source? How do you feel when they RT you? #muckedup

Q5: Here’s a question from @CourtSenior: Where do #journalists stand on phone pitches vs email pitches? #muckedup

Q6: Our last question is from @Go2Juliet: Under what circumstance would you want a followup phone call or tweet about an email pitch? #muckedup

Were you at the first ever #muckedup chat? What were some of your takeaways? Will you be joining us in the future? Let us know either in the comments section below or on Twitter, @muckrack.