Journalist Of The Day: @combatjourno, aka Mustafa Kazemi, live tweets the war in Afghanistan

As a freelance reporter in his home country of Afghanistan, Mustafa Kazemi has live tweeted terrorist attacks and suicide bombings.

His tweeting, writes Alex Fitzpatrick of Mashable in a recent profile, “provides a window into Afghanistan from a native writer’s eyes that simply can’t be matched by foreign writers.”

Fitzpatrick notes that Afghanistan is not a country known for being friendly to the press. Censorship, threats and harassment from subjects is commonplace for Kazemi, Fitzpatrick writes.

Yet Kazemi, who tweets from the Twitter handle @combatjourno, doesn’t let this stop his commitment to journalism. He continues to report on his country and build his Twitter following through engagement and interaction with his audience regardless of the dangers. 

— EZ

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