"He wrote poetry on deadline."

Anthony Shadid, the foreign correspondent whose work in illuminating the story of the Middle East was twice awarded a Pulitzer Prize, died last night while on assignment for the New York Times in Syria.

The NYT’s obituary is here.

The Washington Post obituary is here.

Some of the many, many Twitter comments and tributes from journalists are here, here, here and here.

His Pulitzer Prize-winning article from 2003, “A Boy Who Was ‘Like A Flower’” is here, and his collection from 2009 is here.

There is an interview with Shadid by Aaron Ross at Mother Jones in which the reporter discusses his work and the upcoming release of his new book, House of Stone.

There’s a feature by Terry McDermott at the Columbia Journalism Review on the “most honored foreign correspondent of his generation.”

Erik Wemple at The Washington Post calls Shadid an “irreplaceable storyteller” and writes that his passing “leaves a hole in foreign correspondency.”

Steve Coll writes a remembrance of Shadid at The New Yorker. 

The NYT’s Bill Keller tweeted: “Yes, a poet, but first and foremost an incomparable witness.”

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