On Twitter, should journalists collaborate first, compete second?

In the wake of Sky News announcing it was clamping down on its social media policy, a lot of the Twitterati have publicly criticized the news broadcaster’s decision.

One of the main points to come out is that Twitter and other social media platforms are about working together with sources and even possible competitors. It is not about just sharing your own news organization’s work.

Matthew Keys of Reuters tweeted one of his “Internet rules” and it’s a great motto for journalists on Twitter.

That’s an important point for people in newsrooms to remember. Would Twitter or Facebook work if no one was willing to share other people’s links or tweets?

Cory Bergman with Breaking News also blogged about the move at Sky News, emphasizing that a news editor’s ”expertise thrives beyond the confines of a single news organization’s reporting.”

"In social media, old broadcast rules do not apply," he writes. "And it’s OK to be human."

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— EZ

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