Journalist Of The Day: ProPublica’s Dan Nguyen shows his followers how he tweets

Dan NguyenLast night Dan Nguyen, a reporter and developer with ProPublica, gave his Twitter followers an inside look at how he tweets. Literally.

Using Nguyen let his more than 2,000 followers have unfettered access to his personal computer screen. On it, Tweetdeck was open in all its glory. Users could see who was tweeting to Nguyen and literally watch him type out a tweet word for word. At one point, Nguyen even started playing Angry Birds.

Nguyen told me via Twitter that he was inspired to try out Screenleap after reading about it on HackerNews. Nguyen’s experiment demonstrates how, with tools like Screenleap, journalists can easily be more transparent and share how they collect and write the news with their readers and colleagues. 

Would you do something like this with your Twitter followers?

— EZ

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