Honda’s Bueller ad is Super Bowl’s first ‘hit’

The countdown has begun for Sunday’s big game in Indianapolis, between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.

But the marketing buzz has already kicked off, with Honda today following up Friday’s viral teaser campaign to unveil its Hughesian homage.

Here’s the Ferris Bueller Super Bowl Ad You’ve Been Waiting For, via Whitney Jefferson at BuzzFeed.

Advertising Week’s Tim Nudd writes "Honda Unveils Ferris Bueller Ad, and It Is Awesome," and says that the extended version is “full of hidden references to the movie.” Tim also tweets: “Honda’s Ferris Bueller ad is great. Its press-release headline is not: “Honda Pays Homage to Famous Film in Super Bowl XLVI Commercial.”

Todd Wasserman at Mashable writes how, “as an industry tradition, Honda and several other companies are dropping the full-length versions of their Super Bowl ads on the Monday before the big game. Other new ads hitting YouTube on Monday included Hyundai’s and H&M’s.”

Stacy Jones at the New Jersey Star-Ledger writes how advertisers will appeal to consumers on second, third and fourth screens during the game.”

Not everyone, of course, has been driven to ecstasy by the spot. Mark Hachman at PCMag writes: “Save Ferris? Save Ferris. Save Ferris! Well, Honda did, but not in the way in which many had hoped,” while BBC tech writer Fiona Graham tweets: “This makes me feel sad inside. Memory of Ferris is sullied forever…”

As for the hype surrounding the game itself, Michael McCarthy at USAToday writes that for the first time, the NFL has sold tickets for public access to tomorrow’s Media Day.

Meanwhile. this week’s New Yorker cover art has President Obama watching his opponents tackle each other in the run-up to the weeks’ other big match-up, tomorrow’s Florida Republican primary. 

The Huffington Post reports that the cover was drawn by Barry Blitt, who also did this controversial 2008 cover.

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