Find journalists attending CES

The new year has begun and for journalists and communications professionals covering the technology and electronics sector so has the stress. CES is now a week away, plans are being finalized, communication pros are scrambling to book appointments and journalists are struggling to sift through the mass amounts of information that’s being thrown at them.

Massive media lists are an easy way to blast a release out to a thousand journalists, but are often outdated and don’t provide real-time information about journalists. For example:


We found that tweet during a quick search on Muck Rack Pro (free for journalists, subscription-based for PRs) for #CES. In addition to shedding light on a media list fail, Muck Rack’s search is also able to provide a real-time list of each time a journalist in our database mention CES in a tweet or in an article they linked to. Here are two examples:

As the week goes on thousands and thousands will continue to share updates about their excitement around CES and sifting through the tweets that matter will get harder and harder. With Muck Rack Pro’s search, you can easily see if a journalist plans on attending, is interested in a specific topic, or is looking for information. With Muck Rack Pro’s alerts, you can receive an email, in real-time anytime a journalists tweets about CES. Check out the different plans here or request a demo to see the tools in action.

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