How to build relationships with journalists on Twitter using Muck Rack

Russell Working has an article today in PR Daily titled How to cultivate reporter relationships on Twitter.

He’s got a great quote from Columbia Journalism School professor Sree Sreenivasan on how to engage journalists on Twitter:

"One day, follow them," he says. "Another day retweet them. Then eventually ask them for something. But if the first time they ever hear from you is a request, they’re more likely to ignore you. … You get a little Twitter love first before you make a request."

Later in the article, Patrick Garmoe of PureDriven has some advice we can fully agree with: Use Muck Rack.

Garmoe suggests finding reporters by searching through Muckrack. Also look through the “contact us” pages for local media outlets to track down reporters’ Twitter handles, he writes.

"One huge reason to use Twitter is you can actually track people down a lot of times," he said in a phone interview. "The Twitter handle is listed at the end of a news story … so it’s easier to get to that information. I don’t feel like it’s as obtrusive a way to reach out to somebody."

The rest of the article's well worth a read.

Also consider requesting Muck Rack’s one page guide on using Twitter to get press.