A startup’s recipe for getting press (hold the PR firm)

It seems a new startup is born every minute ever since The Social Network showed how you can go from geek to billionaire in 120 entertaining minutes. Why do some of them get lavish press while other remain obscure?

Kapil Kale, a cofounder of a startup called GiftRocket, recently chronicled his process of getting press for his fledgeling venture. 

Here are his six keys of getting press summarized:

  • You need a story
  • If you don’t have a story, you can engineer one
  • You need to pitch your story to journalists
  • You need to change your story for different types of blogs
  • You need to use press to get more press
  • You need to be determined

Kapil also concludes “you can be more successful than a PR professional”:

Journalists’ inboxes are so full of PR emails, so its a lot harder to cut through the noise. It makes a big difference if the email comes from someone with a title at the company. So your success rates are probably upped significantly. Moreover, you’re looking at $3-5k for a freelancer, and a larger monthly rate for a firm.

What do you think of his six keys? What else should startups do to get press?

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