What journalists should do about Facebook’s new subscribe feature

Twitter’s been a perfect platform for journalists because it’s easy to publish publicly to followers rather than just friends. Now Facebook’s become a bit more Twittery, allowing anyone to follow your content.

Instead of calling it “following” as Twitter does, Facebook calls it “subscribing”, which should be a term near and dear to the hearts of any print scribes. Except unlike print subscribers, Facebook subscribers don’t pay.

If you’re a journalist, what should you do about it?

  1. Read this PFD guide by Facebook’s Journalist Program Manager Vadim Lavrusik
  2. Decide if you want to allow people to subscribe you — if so proceed to step 3
  3. Make sure your Facebook profile photo isn’t completely unprofessional (you can change it here)
  4. Go to Facebook’s Subscription Page and “Allow Subscribers”
  5. Make sure you have a Facebook username here (you’re URL will be facebook.com/username)
  6. Tell people about your Facebook profile URL
  7. Tell Muck Rack about your Facebook URL (and like Muck Rack while you’re at it)
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