Five must-have qualities of stellar PR pros

When it comes to filling open positions at your PR firm or company, you want to choose individuals that not only have the necessary skills, but also have the willpower to live up to their potential. That said, it can be difficult identifying the best traits in a potential candidate.

That’s why sometimes it helps to have a checklist.

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10 things I learned about journalists after spending hours with them


A few months ago, as part of doing a ton of research, Muck Rack monthly contributor Julia Sahin had the pleasure of talking to a number of journalists. Primarily covering the finance industry (or specific institutions), they had seen the best of the industry and the worst. They were seasoned, smart, opinionated, and very personable.  

Other than hearing their insights for her research, she learned a lot about the people behind the stories and about their experiences, thoughts on relationship-building, and their views on our professions.

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