10 reasons why robot journalism can’t top the real thing

More and more news sources have begun turning to robots instead of real people to do their news writing.

Automated news writing programs have begun gaining popularity in newsroom settings mainly because such programs are able to write breaking news stories at an incredibly fast pace. The appeal: Faster breaking news production can mean getting ahead in online search results and readership, not to mention automated journalism costs less than paying a real person to write a news story.

However, despite the appeal of robot journalism at first glance, there are 10 good reasons (and probably many, many more) why robot journalism can’t replace real writing by real people.

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8 scientifically-proven ways to make your tweets more impactful


ICYMI, there was a study published last month about a formula for predicting shareable tweets. There was a NY Times quiz, some articles and posts, and chatter on Twitter. But how many people took the findings and put them to practical use?

Combined with their findings, and some from contributor Julia Sahin’s experience, here are some pointers on making your tweets (and social media program) more impactful. 

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When to fire your PR consultant

Hiring a public relations consultant can be a whirlwind. You’re romanced by an intriguing proposal, promised the world and you’re enjoying the giddy honeymoon phase of a new business relationship.

And then the bill comes. Or you find a typo in a print ad. Suddenly, they’re not spending any time with you, and not calling when they said they were going to. You’ll start to wonder if it’s you – perhaps you’re just being neurotic, or high-maintenance.

Take off the rose-colored glasses. I’m here to tell you that it’s not you. It’s them. And it may be time to break it off. Here are some red flags that may indicate that he’s just not that into you.

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